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Celcom Broadband Free USB Modem - 2010 Promo

The ONE, The ONLY Celcom Sale starts from 11th January to 31st March 2010 and Celcom is giving away FREE USB Modems for every users who sign up for a Celcom Broadband Plan during that period.

Totally no bull as Celcom is giving away FREE USB Modems by simply signing up for any Celcom Broadband Plans. Plus they are upping the ante by assuring a 7-days money back guarantee.

Here are the plans according to your Internet needs from as low as RM68 per month for the Celcom Broadband Basic Plan. And best of all, Celcom is not tying you with any contract period !!

Terms and condition

  • This offered will be only for data only package.
  • The Broadband Basic Service offers speeds of up to 384kbps; whereas Broadband Advance Service offers speeds of up to 3.6Mbps
  • Customer is required to pay RM100 for Registration Fee upon subscription
  • This service is bound by Celcom Broadband’s Fair Usage Policy of 5GB a month.
  • As this broadband service is shared, therefore the service is provided on a best effort basis
  • 7 days money back guarantee applies. Upon termination within 7 days, the Registration Fee and any credit balance in the account will be refunded within 2 months.
  • All terminations for these packages shall only be done at branches and customers need to return the modems upon termination. Failure to return the modem or returning a damaged modem upon termination within 12 months will see customers account imposed with penalty charge of RM150.


  • What is Celcom Broadband?

    Celcom Broadband is a mobile broadband service that runs on Celcom's 3G and HSDPA network.

  • What are the basic broadband packages offered by Celcom?

    C-Broadband Basic (Data Only)-RM68
    Broadband basic package are for individuals who require broadband internet connectivity on almost a daily basis but do not need very fast connections for simple internet surfing
    C-Broadband Advance (Data Only)-RM98
    Broadband advance package are for individuals who require broadband internet connectivity on almost a daily basis and need very fast connections for heavy downloads/ internet surfing.

  • What is the Celcom Broadband + Modem Promo offered by Celcom?

    This promo is a bundle package that offers the Celcom broadband service with a USB modem which will be given for free. Packages Promo include,
    C-Broadband Basic (Data Only + Modem) - RM68 (Promo 2010) (Free Celcom Modem)
    C-Broadband Advance (Data Only + Modem) - RM98 (Promo 2010) (Free Celcom Modem)

  • Why Celcom Broadband?

    No.1 Mobile Broadband Provider in Malaysia
    Widest coverage with great speeds and quality - Widest 3G & 3.5G (HSDPA) coverage on the Celcom network nationwide
    Affordable and Flexible plans
    Satisfaction Guaranteed - With our 7-Days Money Back Guarantee
    Instant Activation
    Truly Unlimited
    Instant Connectivity
    Ease of Registration
    Excellent Customer Service

  • What documents are required for registration?

    For Broadband standalone services or new registration, you are required to fill in the application form and provide us with a copy of your identification card. For foreigner customer, you are required provide us a copy of passport. Please ensure that customer provide a updated passport document.

  • During the registration process, are there any payments required?

    Celcom does not charge any installation or registration fee; however you are required to pay an advance payment(RM100) upon your registration. (Can call 1111 using your celcom phone to confirm this payment)

  • How does Celcom's Money Back Guarantee work?

    Upon subscription, a customer has a 7 day cooling off period. During this period, should the customer be dissatisfied with the service for the following reasons:
    Poor Service Quality
    Poor / No Coverage

  • When I subscribe to the Stand Alone Broadband Service what does Celcom provide me with?

    Depending on the package that you have choosen, for non-bundled packages upon successful registration, Celcom will issue you a USIM card that will enable your Internet connectivity. As for the bundled packages, you will then receive a USIM along with the modem or wireless gateway depending again on your subscription.

  • What happens if I misplace / lose my SIM provided by Celcom for the Celcom Broadband service?

    You will require to walk-in to any of our Celcom Branches to replace this card. Please ensure that you do this as soon as possible as any usage charges* incurred during this period will be honored by the owner.

  • How much would I be charged for the replacement of this SIM Card?

    You will be charged RM5.00 for the SIM card replacement.

  • Who is eligible for these packages?

    This package is available to Malaysian's and foreigners over the age of 18 years. Customers must be free of any blacklisting in either Celcom or any other operator.

  • Is there a contract period imposed for all plans with us?

    No, there is no contract period for all package.

  • What Modem will I be given along with the promo packages's service?

    The modem that will be supplied together with these promo packages is the Huawei USB modem (the modem will either display a Celcom Broadband or the Vodafone logo)

  • Does this modem come with a warranty?

    Yes, the modem comes with a 12 month warranty period. However should you take the time to register your modem online at, your will enjoy an extended warranty of 18 months.

  • Should my modem be faulty, how do I go about repairing / replacing it?

    You can claim warranty for the faulty modem from the Celcom Berhad. Should the modem be deemed faulty, there will be on a one to one swapping of the modem within the warranty period.

  • Where can I terminate this package?

    Customers can terminate the package at any of the Celcom Branches nationwide.

  • In the event I terminate this promotional package within the minimum subscription period, what will happen to the USB modem?

    For cases of termination within the minimum subscription period, customers have to return the modem at the termination. The modem must be in good working condition without any physical damage to the modem. If customer fail to that, penalty RM150 will charges to you.
  • How to register?

    1)Email me your detail

    • Full name as written in NRIC or Passport
    • New and old IC No
    • Mother Maiden Name
    • Home Address
    • Billing Address
    • Email Address
    • Mobile No
    • Occupation
    • Employer/Company Name
    • Office Address
    • Office No
    • References Name
    • References Relationship
    • References Contact No
    • Required package
    • Modem Delivery Method

    2)I will confirm your status(blacklisted or not by Celcom or others telco ex:Maxis,Digi,TM)

    3)If cleared,I will inform you to remit your payment(RM100 upfront) to my Maybank Account, 1621 0620 0748 under Rohayati binti Talib.

    4)SMS(019 236 9467) or Email ( me your payment detail.

    5)If payment receive before 2pm noon, modem & SIM Card will be send on that day via SKYNET. You would receive the modem the next day.If payment receive before 2pm noon, modem & SIM Card will be send on the next day.

    6)Or You can always drop by to outlet at Giant Prima Saujana,Kajang,Selangor,to collect your modem. We are open from 10am to 10pm everyday(Monday to Sunday).

    7)Enjoy your broadband..:-)

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